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March 2023


4 Weeks



A Guy Doing Some Stuff

It’s a real estate company specializing in making a vacation property dream a reality – they manage, maintain, and promote the rental of properties, giving travelers an alternative to hotels while providing high returns to property owners. With an expansive network reaching 95% of all travelers who prefer staying at home-away-from-homes over traditional hotel stays, they are helping to make that perfect getaway come true!

Their team provides an attentive service with a quick response time of 5 minutes or less, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are dedicated to making a traveler’s booking requests seamless and effortless so that they can focus on more important things!


The company has grown exponentially, starting with a single team member and scaling to more than thirty dedicated professionals. They not only strive for excellence in the service they provide to their customers but also prioritize the security of their operations – demonstrating an unwavering commitment and dedication that is second to none!

Driven by a pioneering spirit, their founder sought to develop an innovative way for property owners to rent their spaces with assured peace of mind. We strive to ensure that everyone who trusts them with its investment will feel secure and confident in the care they receive.



At Bellamar, they invite guests to enjoy our properties’ luxurious atmosphere. Our agency was tasked with creating a branding that conveyed an elegant yet relaxed aesthetic that would offer customers a home-like experience with amenities inaccessible in hotels.

Logo Structure

We were captivated by the enchanting beauty of Caribbean shores and created a logo to capture that majestic charm. Our design reflects these unique settings and an atmosphere of warmth and comfort – as if you’re being welcomed home.

Typography Selection


We were captivated by the enchanting beauty of Caribbean shores and created a logo to capture that majestic charm. Our design reflects these unique settings and an atmosphere of warmth and comfort – as if you’re being welcomed home.


To bring the brand to life, we enhanced it with additional typography – a typeface that looks sharp on printed stationery and digital platforms alike, allowing maximum versatility.

Color Selection

The Dominican Republic is an oasis of paradise, and our company wanted to communicate that beauty fully. That’s why we carefully selected seven vibrant colors in a palette – capturing the vibrancy and richness of all the unique destinations available for guests.

R:5 G:30 B:20



To ensure an exceptional experience for all of its users, the company developed a website designed with responsiveness in mind. Its fluid interface and optimized loading times allow travelers on the go to easily access last-minute rentals without worry – even when faced with limited mobile data reception. The innovative design presents visitors with confidence while they plan their adventures!


WordPress is the perfect fit for this project due to its versatile features, offering unsurpassed customizability and flexibility. With access to an array of powerful plugins, we could tailor WordPress’ capabilities precisely according to a company’s needs – ensuring a bespoke solution that perfectly meets all requirements.

Through the power of WordPress, we optimized SEO practices so that our target audience could quickly and reliably find us. In no time, these potential customers became guests in one of the hundreds of rentals now available!

Elementor Page-Builder

Elementor is the top choice for website design, providing an intuitive graphical interface to ensure that the corporate image is presented perfectly. With its widespread usage in WordPress, we can trust Elementor will help bring our brand vision to life!

Utilizing all page-builder resources to their full potential, we have created a platform enabling users to communicate seamlessly with services. This enabled us to tailor rentals according to individual preferences, leading to efficient delivery times and greater satisfaction for all involved.




A Guy Doing Some Staff is rapidly becoming a go-to choice for travelers and rental owners, inspiring trust in its commitment to providing an enriched customer experience. We have successfully delivered a visual presentation of its mission of creating compassionate service excellence. A Guy Doing Some Staff offers the highest level of security, with user welfare as a top priority.


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